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Twenty-five Years

Celebrating! Yes, it's worth a quick look back, to appreciate the view ahead.

From my start as a part-time massage therapist 25 years ago, I discovered that here in the body is where it feels safe enough to explore being myself.

I am grateful to the many teachers who have nurtured me along the way.  Sensory awareness skill-building with Raja Selvam taught me to trust my body's messages, and to listen differently to others. Marshall Amini Peller taught craniosacral therapy, and graceful allowing.  Embodiment, modeled best by Kathy Kain. From Dan Siegel, I learned about how our minds change in relationship, shaped by early developmental patterns.  From Gail Wetzler, Ron Mariotti, "listen and follow."  

As a body-oriented therapist, I invite you to explore what it might be like to be yourself.  

If you'd like, let's have a conversation sometime. Take advantage of my free consult, and see where you want to go from there.