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Self Care: Getting Ready for the Holidays

We’re getting ready.


Over the river and through the woods

is our holiday landscape of self care:

Soon we'll be sharing music, food, drink with those dear

while those we deem safe enough 

we'll greet with arms outstretched,

our palms flexed;

we'll listen to their stories and tell our own next.

Before all this, though, an imperative: 

Rest! -- bathe, find comfort in touch, in breath, in sleep.

Honoring spirit, dance, meditate, sing, or sit still.

Spend time out of doors, alone or together

reflecting on what is most precious in darkest winter

moving gently toward the warmth of fellow humans

the light in our eyes

the fire in our hearts,

the us that we are.


Some are resistant to this, they say

we should keep working harder jump higher now now now

and I say



what is so pressing?

to feed a revolution we must be fueled, fortified, refreshed

and with care, we can indeed thrive

as thousand-fold ourselves


So to those

who question

what you will get

and how does this "self-care" benefit everybody

just turn to them and ask

How do you plan on celebrating?




So many ways of getting ready for the holidays!

Here's one: hiking up high with family, where we discovered this snow-cocooned cone, a few hours shy of melting away.  This was on the trail last Tuesday after that first snow, Timber Mountain.   

Warmest wishes to you this holiday season!